About Us


We are a consulting and coaching team based in Toronto, Ontario that works with businesses, leaders and industry professionals to maximize their performance and achieve results.


We provide expertise and build capacity in your leaders, upcoming talent and teams to help you sustain organizational change. Our team consists of industry experts with over fifteen years of experience in delivering small to large scale business transformation changes. We understand the complexities that exist with rapidly changing markets, and technology.

Our team is well versed in both private, public services with experience in

  • strategy development,

  • operations management,

  • change management,

  • project management,

  • data analytics,

  • financial reporting, and analysis

  • service design and

  • policy development


We believe, it’s never about the problem, it’s about what you are willing to do to move forward. We want you to grow to the next level. We work to unpack layers, design, and re-design the solution, to create the way forward. 


Our clients come to us because we provide results, and quality. We are not afraid to challenge the norm.


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Toronto, On Canada

info@koncaved.com  |  Tel: 416 856 8129