Very rarely do we end up in careers that align with what we are passionate about, especially when we are starting out our careers.


In high school or post-secondary, we plan our lavish path, if any at all, to get to our “dream” job and realize it’s not exactly what we wanted.


Then we fall into the cycle of trying to stay employed to earn a living. Losing sight of what our skills, strengths, and interests are in the process.


Questions like…


  • What are my strengths? And what am I good at?

  • How can I make more money with the skills that I have?

  • What is the best career path for me?

  • How can I leave my job and get into a career?

  • How to feel confident during the job search?


…are things we see all the time with our clients…


Maybe you know what you want, a new career or you love what you do, but hate where you work and WANT a change.


Let’s figure out the right move for you! We will work with you to identify what your strengths are and the best way to use them. This includes helping you develop a career plan, working with you to overcome challenges, doing interview preparations, and most importantly building and maintaining your confidence throughout the whole process.


We offer face-to-face, Skype, and telephone coaching to our clients and provide the following services:


  • Career planning

  • Career coaching

  • Career Assessments

  • Resume and cover letter review

  • LinkedIn profile review and

  • Interview preparation support


Our 5 step program is customized to each client and geared at getting you the results you want!


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