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Do you want to improve how you "show up" in interviews and take your career to the next step?

Do you want to make the switch but not sure how to, or worried that you may not have the skills or transferrable experience to make the jump?

Have you been stuck in middle management and need help to get back on the job market or to interview for an internal posting? 

Do you feel like you keep getting passed over for promotions, told you're not ready for the next step, but feel you are? 

Our career coaching program, helps you identify where you are the strongest, and where you may need some development. We focus on getting you the tools and confidence to land your next role. Our coaching works for individuals who want to take their performance to the next level whether in their career or in their leadership. 

We work with you to identify what your strengths are and the best way to use them. This includes helping you develop a career plan, working with you to overcome challenges, doing interview preparations, and most importantly building and maintaining your confidence throughout the entire process.


We offer face-to-face, phone, and Zoom coaching to our clients and provide the following services:


  • Career planning

  • 1:1 Career coaching

  • Career Assessments

  • Resume and cover letter review

  • LinkedIn profile review and

  • Interview preparation support


Our clients.....

Mid-career professionals...

Who want to...

  • Increase earning potential

  • Take your career to the next step

  • Take on a new challenge, and try something new

  • Figure out what you're passionate about

Aspiring and new Leaders...

Who want to ...​

  • Identify your top skills and move into new opportunities

  • Build stronger relationships and get more visible

  • Switch industries

  • Hit the reset button and try something brand new

Seasoned Leaders

Who want to ...

  • Take on new responsibilities

  • Feel unstuck in middle management

  • Be recognized for new opportunities and portfolios

  • Improve how you “show up” in interviews and networking


Benefits include:

  • Finding clarity about the career and/or role you want 

  • Identifying blind spots early and take proactive steps to manage them

  • Improved confidence to help you become a better self marketer

  • Having job search and interviewing success

  • Clear next steps to advance your career

  • Support to navigate a new role in the first 90 days

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