Change Management

Businesses that meet their objectives during a transformation, happens when change management is done right! 

Leading, managing or going through a change, can be challenging.


Change management is not just managing the change, it is understanding the change, its impact, the approach, the areas of resistance, and challenge, the strategy and being nimble to adapt.


People are the key enablers of change. Change Management is a coordinated application of change tools, knowledge and resources that organizations use to achieve their business strategy. Change management is not just an add-on to your business transformation it’s an important driver for success.


We help you assess, design, plan, implement, monitor and sustain change implementation through effective tactical and strategic change strategies.

Our Process

We believe in delivering change through a five-stage process, for both internal and external change management. Our team is knowledgeable in many different change models and offers expertise that is customized to the nature of the transformation.

Our Change Success Factors

With years of experience delivering change management initiatives, we have identified that there are five critical change success factors to enable, mobilize and sustain change.


Change leadership is not just saying, “we need to make changes to be more competitive!”, or through fanfare to kick-off the change. Change leadership is about embodying and carrying the vision to finish line and beyond. It’s about being the champion, coaching, supporting stakeholders, championing the successes, but also doing the hard things when required.

Shared Vision

Change is as effective as the destination. If you don’t have a clear vision, there is less likelihood that your people delivering, or impacted by the change will too.


To make change stick, training is a necessary part of the process. Training provides impacted stakeholders with the required skills and expertise to change and ensures greater adoption.



Change communication is key to deliver timely, consistent and clear messages, and progress to stakeholders and engage in feedback during the transition.


Change Performance Measures

All aspects of the change need to be tracked and measured. Prior to the change being put in motion, there needs to be a clear identification of what success looks like, so you know when you have arrived. As a result, the best feedback you can get is to measure where you are in the change. By doing this you will know if you are close to the target or if there are areas that need to be adjusted along the way.


Our Services 


  • Change Managers (IT and Business)

  • Project Change Managers

  • Communication and Marketing Specialists


Change Delivery:

  • Change planning

  • Change strategy development

  • Change Metrics

  • Change communication

  • Change Adoptions

  • Change implementation (integration with project management)

  • Change monitoring and sustainability

  • Workforce planning

  • CMO development


Training, facilitation, mentoring and coaching

  • Change Leadership

  • Change Management fundamentals

  • Change integration

  • Change impacts

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