What we do 

We work with our clients to identify opportunities, design the best approach, and implement solutions that ensure optimal results.  We not only provide expertise to help develop your leadership skills, but we also help you level up and build capacity in your organization to help you sustain the change. We focus on three key areas:  


Who we are

Founded in 2013, we are a coaching and consulting team dedicated to transformation, building resiliency, providing solutions and building capacity. We work with businesses, leaders and industry professionals to maximize their performance, build teams, lead change and accelerate their careers. 


Our Services


Leadership Development

Implementing strategy, leading people, and your own personal development requires strong leadership competencies. We offer services to help you assess where you are, design an approach tailored to your needs and help you implement key high impact changes that will improve your leadership through one on one ongoing coaching. 

Career Coaching

We will work with you to identify what your strengths are and the best way to use them. We work with you to level up and accelerate your career, through a customized process. As part of our process, we complete an assessment, develop a career plan, create a job search and branding strategy and work with you to overcome challenges.

Project Management

Organizations set the vision, project management is where the vision and action meet and execution takes place. We provide services in subcontracting, project delivery support, mentoring, coaching, and project recovery.

Change Management

Businesses that meet their objectives during a transformation, happens when change management is done right! We help you assess, design, plan, implement, monitor and sustain change implementation through effective tactical and strategic change strategies.

What Our Clients Say 

M. L.  - Translator & Administrator

"I had a great coaching experience with [my coach]. One thing I particularly appreciate about her and the coaching sessions with her is she is always so supportive and extremely encouraging and I had valuable takeaways from each session with her. For anyone who wants to overcome obstacles and move from 'good' to 'great' in life and at work, she is the coach I highly recommend."

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