Job searching during Coronavirus

What does Coronavirus or COVID-19 mean for you and your job search?


COVID-19 has brought the global economy to a severe slow down which has also slowed down the hiring, and normal operations in businesses. While some doors shut, others stay wide open and continue to keep hiring - Recruiters are open – are you?


During the pandemic, most companies are figuring out how to pivot from their day to day normal routines to adjusting to virtual and remote ways of doing business. During these times there are number of growing pains and things that businesses encounter, one of which is how to identify what resources they will need, what their needs will be, and how will they keep business going.


Hiring will unfortunately take a lower priority while businesses try to quickly pivot and shift gears.


For a job seeker, this could mean a few things, but one thing is for sure, the next couple of months will be far away from your typical.


Your job search will inevitably be longer and will require a bit more patient that it would have under normal circumstances. It also may take other forms and may require you to be adaptable to be open to freelance, and remote work arrangements.


What can you do while businesses figure out their next steps?


  1. Be open to change, and that each change brings opportunity.

  2. Think differently, don’t think of a linear job search path or way of work. This may change.

  3. Learn to understand things that are within your control and accept the things that isn’t.

  4. Have contingency plans. Being married to a plan can lead you to a path of not being flexible to change. Think of variations that will get you to the same end goals.

  5. Dedicate this time to self improvement. Use the time to work on your mindset, build resiliency, and do some self-care.


How can you position yourself to be ready for when the doors swing open?


Keep applying

There will be more competition with companies currently doing temporary lay offs. It’s important to be intentional and focus on applying to quality roles that you are a good match for. Technology has made it easier for business to continue as usual with a few tweaks to remote capabilities. Start updating and optimizing your resume and researching positions and roles that may be a good fit. During this time, we might see an increase reliance of the application tracking system (ATS) to screen applications that are submitted.


Learn something new

This is a good time to catch up on learning something new. Try going on Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, your local library sites and learning something that would help you for the role that you are applying to. Learn not just about your industry but skills that will help you manage the uncertainty of the changes and the current environment. These are tools that will help you on the job and during your search.



Find a list of companies and industries that you want to learn about and get started. This will help you to be prepared when the position comes up and for when you have an interview. A lot of this pre-work will pay dividends when the hiring starts up.


Get Online and Social

The power of connection doesn’t have to be in person. Be ready to be online and engage your social networks to stay engaged. Most people are still working from home where possible or finding other ways to stay connected. This is a good time to share articles, interesting insights and get on the radar for people in the space of the industry that you are interested in. Use this time to bridge the gap with more virtual networking, this opens up an opportunity to reach out to people on social media and book virtual meetings via zoom or connect via phone.


Get Ready for Virtual Interviews

People will now be less likely to meet in person. With the current social distancing restrictions, you will find that interviews will be done via the phone or via online platforms such as Zoom and Skype. If you are not comfortable with being online, this will be something for you to practice while you are job searching. Pay attention to your tone, your body movements and things that you do subconsciously that would be present when you interview.


While it still remains uncertain, not all industries have stopped hiring, others have overwhelming demand for new hires. Stay positive, open and look for the opportunities. For more information on how you can be job ready. Sign up to our Newsletter.

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