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5 easy steps to figure out your next career move

Updated: 5 days ago

Here’s what you should ask yourself…

1. “What do I want to do?”: Take an inventory of all your skills. Do a brainstorm of what you enjoy doing. Think Globally – THINK BIG! Soul search – many people forget to listen to themselves. What do you want? Traditional careers are evolving. The labor market is changing, and you need to be aware that this could affect the “dream job” that you think you want. Look for things you learn easily and with very little effort or time, i.e. drawing, teaching, writing articles etc. If after doing this, you are still unclear, don’t worry you are not alone, sometimes it’s hard to really define where you want to be. You can take career tests or assessments to help with ideas.

2. What do I like about what I want to do?: Most people create a list of things they want to do and have no idea of why they like it. Maybe it's money, people, achievements or other things. Drill down to the areas that you like about what you want to do, the environment, the clients, the industry, the managers, the culture etc. Complete this list, starting at level one, then level two, in one sitting. Once you do this you will get to answers like, “I love the culture, because they are creative, customer oriented and would be supportive of new ideas to make a difference with my clients.” These will give you a sense of what your selling points are with the career or job.


This could also be used when you are in an interview to answer, “why do you want to work for us?”

3. “What is my motivation?”: Write a list of things you would do if you had_________ then insert the what? Whether skills, money, help, support, a different life, health etc. What gets you excited, or pumped!! Look at roles you have done – identify areas that you were happy to keep working, even off the clock. Take stock of your hobbies, the things that you rush home and on vacation for, swimming, boxing, running. These are sometimes indicators of things that make you happy and excited.

4. “What am I good at and what can I do better?”: Evaluate your skills and abilities. Be objective. Take tests or assessments and compare where you are to the market. Ask your peers, managers, teachers, friends and family what you are amazing at and not so good at.

5. “Where do I need to go next, how and who do I need to support me?” Narrow down a list of roles based on the above. Get mobile and connect with people. Get a career coach. Picture your ideal work place, your colleagues, your boss, even your commute. Is it an open space with many people or just small working environment? Narrow down companies with the things you are looking for. Stay connected. Talk to people. Build a network. Go on social forums. Go to workshops, information sessions, follow companies in your industry of interest and most importantly ASK questions. Ask around, use LinkedIn, people forget how powerful LinkedIn is for career development. Look at profiles and companies, and do some research, send messages to get an idea of the environment, the culture. Follow the company, and look for postings as they come up or news about the organization.

Job search can be challenging, but by taking an intentional approach, you can identify what you want, why you want it, how you compare to the industry and what you need to get to the next step. Be curious, Be Open! New opportunities come when you challenge yourself to try.


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