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Getting interviews but no offers? Six reasons why...

If you are getting interviews, it means that you are definitely close to landing your next job, your approach just needs a bit of tweaking.

If you have ever asked for interview feedback, then you know that not all of them are forthcoming, and can lead to you getting the run around from the hiring manager or the recruiter radio silence or vague responses that does not really tell you anything.

First thing is first… not every job is an ideal fit for you! Rejection does not always mean a reflection of your efforts - positions get cancelled due to funding and other circumstances.

Asking for feedback is not always worthwhile, but if you have gone to an interview and did not get the offer, there are a few reasons that may contribute to it.

Reason #1: You did not answer the questions with enough information or did not answer the questions fully.

Hiring managers are looking for how well you answer questions to see if you a) have demonstrated experience and b) can solve their problem. Avoid generic answers – it really doesn’t make you unique!

Reason #2: You rambled or was not clear.

What this tells the hiring manager is that you were not prepared, need more practice, and/or may not have the communication skills required for the role. If you can’t talk about who you are with a control of your emotions, then this can be seen as a red flag especially for roles that require good communication.

Reason #3: Your interview stories were not strong enough and did not show your value.

This usually is because you didn’t do enough research to understand what challenges the company might be facing to position your stories with the skills to solve their problem. If you are able to communicate effectively, it will demonstrate the “why should I hire you” and let you stand out from the competition.

Reason #4: Your energy did not seem like a culture fit.

Something did not fit on the likeability during the conversation. It could be that you might have come across as boring, or not personable. Sometimes this maybe because you were nervous, or you really were not a fit for a high energy environment. This could happen, do not be discouraged. If you felt off during the interview, you probably were off. And that’s Ok… Make the interview into a conversation. Focus on practicing and bringing your best self. The interviews are not just for the hiring manager, so if the environment did not feel like a fit for you – then it probably was not.

Reason#5: You did not ask the hiring managers any questions during the interview, or the questions were not deep enough.

Not asking enough questions means you did not know enough about the organization or the panel to demonstrate why you wanted the position or why you would be the best fit.

Reason#6: You did not follow up.

Don't underestimate the value of the follow up and staying top of mind.Many candidates underestimate the power of a contact email, note or in some cases personalized card, sent to the hiring manager. It shows that you are interested in the position. Following up, not only shows your professionalism, but it builds the relationship and create the connections in the future.

While this remains a generalized list of reasons why you might not be getting called back, no two stories are the same. The job market is extremely competitive and to get hired, being general is not enough.

Do you know the role that they are hiring for? Why should they care that you know X or have Y skill? What can you do that will be different? What have you done that is a game changer? What is the company’s current challenge that you know that you can help them fix?

Review the job description and use that as a guide to tailor what you bring to the organization to their needs and what they are looking for. This will help you show what makes you unique.

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