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How to write a LinkedIn profile summary that stands out!

Your LinkedIn about section summary provides information about your professional background, skills, and interests.

Think of it as a short biography of who you are in 2000 characters. Just as important as your Headline. The profile helps to build your personal brand and gets you noticed by hiring managers, and people who are interested in connecting with you.

Your summary should NOT read like your resume. It should instead, add your personality, speak to the positions that you are looking to get noticed for and appeal to a wider audience.

The goal of the LinkedIn summary is to give the reader with a clear idea of who you are, your goals, your story and what unique value you bring. When writing your summary:

  • Tell a story

  • Be authentic to who you are

  • Talk about what you are good at

When writing your profile...

  1. Keep it simple

  2. Use as much of the 2000 character available in this section

  3. Make the top 300 characters that are visible, count - most people tend to view your profile on mobile. It must be clear to any reader that visits your profile, what value you offer.

  4. Be professional but friendly. This will help with how you connect with your target audience and also gives them insight on your personality that will also help with determining fit.

  5. Target your reader and include the following elements:

  6. Write – Edit – Rewrite – Repeat. It is a living document. Always keep your profile updated.

So, what should your profile look like?

[A compelling hook] + [your current and past experience summary] + [achievements] + [ Top skills] + [Optional Hook] + [Call to action]

How to write your about profile summary...

There are five key sections to your LinkedIn about section summary. Use first person language when writing your profile summary.

Always start with a hook

… How do you make magic happen?


  • Include a quote – something that resonates with you

  • Talk about a pain point that one of your client had (keep it very simple, and short) and how you were able to help save the day – use the “I help X get Y” concept.

  • Make a strong industry statement and bring it back to where your skills are a fit and how you have navigated through your career.

  • Use your company brand/celebrity to boost your own metrics and connect it back to your own why? Why you love your job and being in the role that you are.

Your Current and Past Experience

Include a mini summarized version about your past experience and current experience. Avoid making it a novel, use this space to add context around what you have done.


Experienced professional or expert with [# of years of experience] in the XX industry (s). Add few sentences about your background/ education and professional story.

I am a Tax Specialist with experience in the medical equipment services, education, and retail distribution sectors. Expert in working with major big brand accounts and successfully managed portfolios such as Walmart, K-Mart, Medix and Scholarly.


Include selected accomplishments that demonstrate your best results. Outline your most important professional accomplishments. Take the opportunity to incorporate storytelling where possible. Your background should include why you do what you do, and what about it makes important. Add Brands or projects that resonates with your personal brand.


I have XX achievements and XX [insert high-value professional qualifications] and specialize in XX.

Top Skills

Include your top skills that aligns with your professional brand. Make sure they are keyword friendly.


Top Skill #1|Top Skill #2| Top Skill #3| Top Skill #4| Top Skill #5| Top Skill #6

Tax Accounting • Financial Reporting and Forecasting • Audit and Compliance • Communication • Continuous Process Improvement • Problem Solving

End with a call to action

This could be a one liner but make it a call to action for someone to either check out your portfolio online, give you a call or send you an email.


I am open to all connections and currently [describe what you are looking for—seeking opportunities, looking to network, etc.]. I can be reached at [insert phone number or email].

Sample Summary

“Change begins with you – one tiny action can make a big difference”- Unknown

From the very start of my career, I had one goal in mind and that was to, make a difference in the lives that I encountered. After majoring in Health sciences, I set out on a journey to work with other medical professionals to make a difference. Today, I help health care professionals focus on the things that matter by streamlining the administration, so they do not have to.

Over the last 15+ years I have been a Medical Administrator working in the healthcare industry to make a difference in how we provide health care for the people who need them.

I have experience in the medical equipment services, education, and retail distribution sectors. My expertise has been in working with major big brand accounts and successfully managed portfolios such as MedicalBig Brand #1 and MedicalBig Brand#2.

Some of my key accomplishments have included…

Successfully working on a research team led by the Chief Medical Officer in XX Country at the University of XX Research, to develop the vaccine for XX valued $3.5M.

My professional skills include:

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Health Data Analytics

  • Report Writing

  • Quality Control

  • Communications and Coordination

  • Stakeholder Management and Building Relationships

Please visit my site at I am open to all connections and looking for new opportunities to grow my network within the medical industry. I can be reached at or (111) 222 - 4444.

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