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Recruiters are open – are you?

Updated: Apr 3

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, while it still remains uncertain, not all industries have stopped recruitment, others are inundated with demand that they are overwhelmed and are feverishly hiring.

It’s hard to not think of getting sick, laid off, or not having money with the entire global economy taking a significant hit. The outlook looks glum, and rightfully so.

In the short term, invariably there may be and will be impacts to jobs in a number of industries. According to Moody’s Analytics, in the US, approximately “27 million are at high risk due to the virus, primarily in transportation and travel, leisure and hospitality, temporary help services and oil drilling and extraction.”

However, social distancing doesn’t mean we are not going to make online orders, need deliveries, need necessities, public services, transportation (shipping), call center, back-office e-commerce support, medical supplies, medical help or care-giving support.

Don’t put anything on hold

Companies are still interviewing. During times of uncertainty focus on the growth industries, and target the industries that are still hiring.

  • Keep applying. Highlight your transferable skills, applicable industry experience, your value proposition, and put your application forward.

  • Be patient and keep learning. Take the time to brush up on your learning by taking online courses. Take inventory of your skills and what you are looking for and interested in.

This may be a perfect time to jump industries and try something new.

Most recruiters and hiring managers are working from home, using remote video conferencing and meeting tools to facilitate interviews. Get comfortable with virtual meetings, and interviews. Here are three things that will help you with getting comfortable:

Be prepared

In changes where there is a global shake-up, be clear on what you can offer a business, it may be exactly what they need during this time. This is the time where you need to show your value. If you are great with customer service and building relationships. There may be a role for you doing front-line customer service. Or doing copy writing and communication that can help companies position themselves and re-brand. Tailor your resume to demonstrate what you are great at and where you can shine that will meet the company’s needs.

Understand the expectations

Be clear on the role and what they are offering during these times. The job market is in a very volatile state with the rapid changes, understand what the role will be, the duration, the risks and what will be expected.

Get social and comfortable with video

If you are not comfortable with videos, you might want to get used to how you look, or sound on video. This will be standard for a while. This is a great time to practice and get comfortable with how you look on video.You will need to prepare for potential interview. If you don’t have web capabilities i.e. video to support them, download apps or get set up to free platforms that can support interviews.

Get familiar with tech, go online and do some research on the best way to do video conferencing. Try recording yourself to get a handle of how you come across on videos and the best lighting that would give a great video or sound quality.

Other businesses have been working to get digital, virtual spaces, meetings, conferences and online tools like slack, Microsoft teams have been highly favored during the switch. Where remote work is feasible, the doors have been swinging open and ready to hire, just a bit slower than normal.

While this is not an exhaustive list of companies, these industries remain open for business…

  • Healthcare

  • Medical equipment/supplies

  • Call Centers

  • Digital Marketing

  • Telecommunications (Zoom, Slack)

  • Consulting (Remote)

  • Pharmaceutical

Be open to change during your job search, and that each change brings opportunity. Depending on your current skills and the roles that you are looking for, you will need to stay flexible. Think differently, don’t think of a linear job search path or way of work. For more information on how you can be job ready.


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